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Dream Arcade

...exists as part of the idea of New Dream Network. We aim to offer an entire community full of web sites that are not only intriguing, but also useful, fun, or exciting. This is a good old-fashioned arcade with the best games around. Browse through and see what you like...

Navigation There are three basic areas you can follow to begin your exploration of Dream Arcade. Each of these areas showcases a different style of game. The games will be rotated through so come back often!
Areas Pick which mood you would like to begin with.
  • Speed Freak for fast-paced action-packed fun.
  • Back to Basics brings you home to play simple old-fashioned games.
  • On the Line pits you head to head against other network opponents or against Luck... the greatest opponent.

In addition, you can check out these other fun things...

  • Bored is a bulletin board where people can post their own thougts and read those of others.
  • More Web Fun showcases other sites where you can find amusement on the web.

Credits This site was developed as part of the New Dream Network. I got tired of lousy Java games crashing my machine so I decided to make a site to showcase the ones that were not only stable, but fun, too. My name is Dallas.

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