Dream Arcade's List of Web Amusements

...is here to save you from the oncoming set in of boredom. You can only play Java games for so long (or not at all if you don't have the right version of Netscape) after all. I am trying to get a good list of things to do on the web that are actually fun. This isn't just for kids either (though its all suitable for anyone of any age, race, religion, or sexual persuasion). Most of all, have fun!...

Just Plain Fun Stuff
  • Eric's Spiderman Page -- A great page packed full of info about all your favorite Spiderman characters.
  • Digital Dementia -- A truly demented site. Not for the weak at mind! Check it out.
  • The Internet Underground -- Find depth behind Deep Thoughts, CHiPs Online, Steven Wright quotes, and much more!
  • The Abstract Complex -- An interesting collection of interesting things. oh yeah, and be sure to stop by the bomb.
  • The Zone -- A large collection of things, mostly fun, all worthwhile.
  • KPIG Radio Online -- More fun than a jar of pickled pig's feet.
  • Gypsy's Parlor -- A very full and interesting site that boasts Astrology and More.
  • The Temple of Jackie Chan -- A fun-filled look at the life and times of the one and only Jackie Chan.
  • Groo the Wanderer -- A New Dream Network exclusive! A full-on resource for Groo fans everywhere. Everything you could possibly want.

Fun Stuff to See or Hear
  • Texture Land -- A site loaded with textures for all uses, and all absolutely free (for non-commercial use).
  • Barbie-Bashing -- Uncensored Virtual Art Exhibition. Absolute Must See!
  • The World of Lilly Wong -- Romance, culture clash, and politics on the South China --> -- coast with Hong Kong's favorite secretary.
  • Computoons -- A daily comic strip for the computer lover/hater in all of us.
  • farts.com -- More fun than you have probably ever imagined. (?)
  • Epsilon: The Ambient Music Information Archive. Very good large archive with sound clips as well as loads of other information about your favorite ambient and electronic musicians.
  • Big Brother is Watching -- A Guide to LiveCams and other Devices that are connected to the Net.
  • Fractal Image Archive -- Interesting Archive of Fractal Movies and Images.
  • The Complete MIDI File Directory -- Very large Archive of MIDI files grouped into musical genres.
  • The Clip Art Connection -- Quite possibly the web's largest collection of Clip Art, as well as a large index of other clip art sites.
  • 2001:A Space Odyssey Internet Resource ArchivePictures, Sounds, Essays, and everything else you might want concerning 2001:A Space Odyssey.
  • The J.R.R. Tolkien Information Page -- Very Large Archive with all sorts of information concerning the stories of J.R.R. Tolkien.

Fun Stuff to Read

Fun Stuff to Do
  • Web-a-Sketch -- Like your favorite childhood pastime, but on the web! A must-see!
  • Mad-Libs -- without all the fuss and the muss!
  • Game Revolution Magazine -- An online resource for information about all of your favorite games.
  • Lemonade Stand -- The web version of the classic arcade game. See just how good at selling Lemonade you are.
  • Faces -- A neato game where you try to create people's faces using the facial pieces of other people.
  • WWWF GRUDGE MATCH -- Decide who will win and who will lose. This site pits some of our favorite characters against one another.
  • KangaChat -- Good, Easy, fun chat room. Meet other people and exchange ideas.
  • The Lighthouse -- On-Line Weather Information for anywhere in the country. Interesting and educational (not to mention fun fun fun).
  • Super Bomberman 4 -- A New Dream Network exclusive. If you've been taken in by the world of Super Bomberman, you can't miss this site. With a description of new rules and other cool things, this site even has its own discussion board.

Do you know of something fun on the web that should be included here? Tell Me! and I'll go take a look. Thanks and remember... Have Fun. (this has been a message from Happy Dallas).
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