Crash Site Update!

NEWEST Update! February 11th, 2001! The crash script is back up, but now in a Javascript incarnation! Thanks to chogg for submitting this:

Also, if you'd like to manually step through the crashing process, to see how much your browser can take, here ya go:<

Okay NEWER Update, October 5th, 2000! The crash script is back down, thanks to Mike Cowan! I didn't hear why but both of those links below don't work any more. Probably his sysadmins got really mad about the crazy load it was causing. If anybody else wants to mirror it I'll be happy to link to you!

Okay New Update, August 20th, 2000! The Crash script is back up, thanks to Mike Cowan! You can link to or visit either or

As of September 15th, 1999 I've taken down the crash cgi script (which causes the crashing).. because it's pretty inefficient and is a bit of a load on our server. But remember, the source code is freely available so if you've got some cycles to spare and would like to set it up on your site, go for it! I can't offer any help on getting the script running, but it does work. Heck if you really want to be nice, set up the crash.cgi on your server and I'll link to it from here and give you credit on this page! Just email me if you've set it up.. and now the rest of the page.

Do you want to crash your browser?

The following page is guaranteed to crash your browser, as long as it is frames-capable. I don't care what your platform is, I don't care if you're running Netscape 3.0, Internet Explorer 3.0, or even Voyager 1.0. If you go to the next page (and don't click on stop) your browser will crash (just give it some time!). This is a good chance to see how robust your OS is! Cool!

Well, are you ready?

Of course, if you want to, do press the stop button. It will only postpone the inevitable for a few seconds, but it's fun to move the bars around and make your own fractal expressions.

Hey! Did you like the crash site? Why not post some comment on our bored? You can even flame me if you didn't like it (I warned you).
P.S. Okay, SOME people's don't crash. In fact, netscape even anticipated this trick I use in their design. So I had to get around it with a script that makes the frames recursive. That is how it works you know.. recursive frames.
P.P.S. If you want, you can see the perl source for the crash site! It's free if you want to make your own.. please just give me credit and tell me about it. Heck you could set up a mirror-site!