For Font Addicts, Chank is a great place to start your search for a particular font.

I go here every day. I don't know why, though. -Jeff

Some decent material. Mostly news.

Ric Ford isn't really biased at all - a balanced news site.

Jeff is a longtime reader of this site.

A nice BeOS related site.

Be Leading Edge. Probably the best BeOS site, when they update it.

Tech' news.

A good Mac site.

Yeah, it's Wired.

Funny Mac-centric weekly RealAudio-based talk show.

Good web design site. Decent design, in a c|net sort of way.

Selena Sol's web site - Kicks ass for Perl/CGI stuff.

Dave Siegel is a kickass web designer.

This page brought to you by...

Jeff Zeldman is an interesting character, with some good design info.

Rarely updated, but well done site. When the hell is the next album coming?

See what Netscape is up to. Good luck to Moz' and free choice.

Be infected, memetic style.

Jeff's favorite search engine.

For the occasional foray into Usenet.

A search engine for pictures and sounds.

Taber's search engine of choice.

Search for stock photography.

The famous FTP search engine.

Kai is a junkie.

Satisfy your Nintendo 64 addiction.

A general video game magazine that caters to the hardcore gamer.

c|net's wonderful world of games.

It gets Kai through the day.

Reviews of books he hasn't read.

Free the West Memphis Three.

Annie's just a geek like that sometimes.

yes yes yes!

The most wonderful thing in the entire world., according to Nicole.

The New York Times

US Patent & Trademark Office

The Library of Congress

Decisions of the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit

Bill's fave search engine.

Law Journal Extra News

Bedtime stories for big kids.

Let it out, baby.


All the hippest tech news.

The original web award.

Find out what Glenn Davis thinks is all that and a bag of chips.

All the stuff *they* don't want you to know about.

Well-done 'net-punditry.

The best web counter out there.

The heppest of the hep.

Often imitated, never duplicated.

The Cool Tool of the Day

Apps to make the tasks you do on your computer easier.

NoNags normally updates daily, and they guarantee all shareware with no nag screens.

See what's up with the Swanky crew.

A great resource for MUSHes (a sort of online multi-user game) is The MUSH Warehouse.

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