Super Bomberman
Super Bomberman 2

 Bomberman 4
Glad I finally got Shiro off my back. Now I can fill you in on our mundane history. Why am I explaining this to you when I could be playing?
My creator, Hudson Soft founded the dynasty that is Bombermen on a simple concept for fun. Put four or more players against each other on a screen and give them bombs. Tell them to kill each other. That same basic philosophy has stuck with the Bomberman series since 1983, through incarnations in Game Boy, PC Engine, NES, SNES,Sega Saturn, Unix, Amiga, and even PC. Admittedly, not all of these games are true Bombermen Games, but they use the same awesome concept. There's been MegaBomberman, as well as Bomberman 93 and 94, and now Atomic Bomberman, but the true classic of the genre has to be Super Bomberman for the SNES (Super Bomberman 2 is my favorite though). Being on the SNES platform really helped bring us Bombermen into the mainstream, and you can see how popular we've become (How else would we ever reach three sequels?). Of course the popularity we enjoy in the US is DWARFED in comparison to that in Japan. There are even nation-wide tournaments were enthusiasts gather to battle to determine grand champion of the islands!