I've been moping about for the past couple of hours looking for something to do. Hmmm.... I could do homework... uh... nope. I could read. After all, I am currently reading 20 or so books...Wait! I know! I could write. That's always fun and good and ... wait... what am I going to write. I mean, Fuckumm is dead, right, write? Hmmm...

I've asked before, and I'll ask again: What is this all about? I used to have no idea, now I don't even know what this is. I used to think that the idea was to make Christianity look as foolish as possible, and that was fun, but now I've realized that it needs no help and besides, its way too easy. Its like writing love songs (bllleeeaaaccchhh). Don't even start me on that. Now, I've realized that it might serve us all better if we went our own ways and... wait, that's it... we don't go our own ways. We just sit here and watch the world move. You know, like in those cheesy movies where the background just moves and the people sit there. It kinda looks like they're moving, we don't really know the difference (well...), but wait (just sit right there), I'm talking about you. If you were the one just sitting there, don't you think you could tell? I should think so. If you couldn't, then you would probably not be reading this. Since you are... we can go on. The fact is that the world is moving. You have to make some effort just to keep up (we're neglecting the very appealing hermit options for the moment). Beyond that, if you have any desire to ever be one of the big honchos up front pulling, then you're gonna have to move pretty damn fast. You're gonna have to dump all that extra weight (love, hate, compassion, desire) and just go. I seem to shoot for that drafting position just behind those honchos, but that's another story. Ok... I'm writing. This is fun... oh wait... I was going to say something too.

W@RSHIP! is the answer. All you have to do is subscribe, read, love, participate, and your life will be lived for you... but this time by someone you actually do know and trust .

Oh yeah... tell all your friends, too!