We are the crew of W@RSHIP! We float aimlessly (or at least seem to) along with this thing (whatever this means). Unlike a standard crew, we do not command it to take us anywhere, we merely make sure things go along as they are meant to. Meant by who? Well... that probably depends on who you ask. I'll just say that it really doesn't matter.

The idea is that we are all (including all of you) part of this bigger thing. Some people call that thing society or civilization or god. Some people violently argue against its existence. Some people violently argue against our existence. That is the nature of this. The truest of thought comes out in argument. The only way to eliminate bias to any degree is to introduce as many forms of it as you can muster.

We (as some people might say) are here to do that. Whenever I say we I actually mean we, as in all of us. A bigger goal of W@RSHIP! is to involve the world community. This current electronic forum is the easiest and fastest way for that to occur.

This started out as the web page for a soon to be magazine. Then I started leaning toward a paperless sort of thing. Now I'm even leaning toward something that goes beyond periodical to a dynamic flow. This has the possibility of being a constantly changing, constantly moving thing that never stagnates and never looks back (probably due to a lack of disk space rather than some higher meaning). This is not really about who anymore.

Who is we.

Check us out!

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