This is perhaps the most interesting question and perhaps the one that has already been answered (although that never really seems to stop me). The why is about all of the other questions. Its for us, for you, for everybody. Is it for money? I would rather it not be. That was the big problem that was arising with this magazine idea is the huge amount of capital that it requires. Who the fuck has capital? Not me, I have CD's instead. All capital ever did was win me a spelling bee or two. Now... if this were to be an interesting electronic new thing. No one needs any money. We could cover a subscription of disks for fairly cheaply and just put all of our hard earned time into it. That's all anything needs.

But, back to the question that you came here to have answered. Probably, the best answer is that I can't stand the idea that I could go unnoticed. I have these deepseated urges to dismantle the universe and then just leave it that way. I don't need this place and neither should you. Another thing you don't need is someone telling you what you do and don't need.

I envision this as a sort of cyber-hangout (to blatanly use a grossly overused couple of words together in a nauseatingly cheesy way), where everyone doesn't know your cybername and could really give a cyberfuck. You would come here not for who or where the people are, but for why the people are. For those moments when you just collide with yourself and show your true struggle and all its gross glory. This is a place (wait... didn't I say that this thing was beyond location... ok then cyberplace... better?) for the strong of mind and the strong of opinion about the strength of their minds. Its a place where any little bit of a fuck can be just that.

Is it against the law for me to use these awful words? No? Good.

Basically... if you have something to add... then add it. This powersurge brought to you by Dallas.