No one else can decide what I will do to my body.

It is my only vestige of hope; the only thing I can hinge my sanity on.

If I want to cut off my foreskin with a pair of nail clippers, then that is what I shall do. No one has any right to determine that besides me. I don't need anyone to watch over me to protect me from things I may do to myself. My body is my world to wreak havok upon (or conversely, beautify) in any manner open to me.

If I choose to put a bent hangar up through my anus and remove vital things, then so be it.

If I can find a doctor who thinks I would be better off without those vital things, then I should be able to enlist aid to do so -- without question. This is not a debate. Since I don't own my money, my feelings, or my thoughts, the only thing I do own is my body
(that is when Big Louie says I do).

Body Modification is a declaration of independence from the modern western world and their terribly anglican views on life. We seek to intensify the modern experience of life, to stretch the new world order until it can lick its own backside, and eventually even develop a taste for it. I do not pierce myself as a plea for help or for attention.

Don't be so self-centered.

Why would I mutilate (your word) myself to gain your lowly (my word) affectations?

You don't even like me.

I adorn myself to try to flesh out my inner sanctity. To create an external safe place to release my thoughts and my fears, to delve into my own diverse ideas and experiences.

I have a normal life like everyone else. I don't have sex with animals unless they're really cute and I'm really drunk and I never shoot up before Donahue, and, of course, I'm never sober by the end of Donahue.

See? We're just the same. Your pleasure is my pleasure. Your pain is my pain. And yet, my pleasure is your pain.
You're probably right. Thanks for paying attention to me. You can release me to go back to wherever it is you are going. I'll be fine here. You're never alone when you can talk to yourself. You can only be lonely when you start to be boring.

The necessity for free speech outweighs the necessity for intact eggshells.