watermark Governments can't control the natural migration of people.
Car Insurance is the biggest scam of our generation!

dreamcatcher for the last few years now i've been remembering almost all of my dreams. the dream catcher i keep hanging, if nothing else, reminds me of my intentions to better understand my mind. i think of dreaming as wandering explorations of its workings.
i also keep all good fortune cookie slips in my wallet. my best source of fortunes has been this fast chinese place near my work. today's fortune was "Enjoy the lighter things in life, Deeper joys will follow." this happened to be just about exactly what i needed to hear. predispositions aside, it was a useful piece in a meditation that i was constructing.

phone communication satisfies some deep part of my being. the same part that was designed to work in groups. sometimes i can't remember if i'm learning to communicate better so that i can build relationships or if i'm building relationships so that i can communicate better. either way the people i've spoken with have been invaluable to this project.

michael last year i decided that my posters where actually a map. but then again i've decided alot of things. one of which was to keep track of things visually. this includes everything from math concepts to emotions. occasionally i imagine moving three dimensional displays that i would like to be able to translate into computer graphics. a side effect is that watching screensavers often times leads to profound thoughts.

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