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    The Bead Ring was formed by Dallas as a means to unite people, organizations, and web sites interested in the world of body art and modification. Our own bodies are the one thing that we can truly exhibit absolute control over. No government agency or overbearing relative should have any say in what you do to your body.
    Peoples and Cultures around the world have been performing ritualistic body modification for thousands of years. It is an ingrained, distinctly physical trait displayed by humankind. It should not be suppressed, feared or ridiculed. It is merely an expression of a personal desire; the desire to be distinctly beautiful in the world.
    An individual in a group is forgotten, lost in the rush, ignored. An individual group of commonly unique individuals has the power to overwhelm all suppression and stand proud. The Bead Ring is a minimal effort towards creating a voice for myself and others in the world. If you don't feel represented in the government, you must represent yourself.
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    • Enough! ... Send me to a random site in the ring.

    • Do you have a page that should be included in the ring? Just fill out the form below, note the site id number, add the below html code fragment to your page (being sure to replace the ___'s in the href's with your site id number), and then e-mail someone in the ring and ask them to insert your page into the ring.
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    Love and Fear

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  3. Send mail to somebody already in the ring and ask them to add you. Be sure you include your site id number in the message.

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The Bead Ring is part of the Webring, created by Sage Weil in March of 1996 and is offered as a part of The New Dream Network.

Thanks to Sage for the WebRing concept and script and special thanks for the page layout I ripped off from him for this page.

May All Your Days Carry Good Faith.