The New Dream Network is a group of individuals with a love for art and culture, that believe that through sharing our knowledge and talents, we can create the tools and resources that will allow people to reach a new level of interactivity with technology and ultimately improve the quality of life.


A Network of Resources is what we set out to create, to give people access to resources which allow them to get more out of their Internet experience, and give them the proper service and support. Some of our current services are

DreamHost :Our flagship web hosting organization


DreamBook :A very strong and clean free guestbook server


Vibeflow : A place for independent audio/video producers


Design-L : Mailing list to help designers network with each other

We are always looking to find people who dedicate a lot of time to the web. We are always coming up with new web pages and need interesting people around to help perpetuate the motion of ideas. The biggest factors when we pick members is quality of design and originality of ideas. When you send examples of your web pages, please only submit entirely original creations (html, graphics, etc.) Other things we like are if you have something interesting to add to our discussions or if you are excited about perl, apache, linux, image processing, video editing, adobe after effects, BeOS, fonts, asparagus, jazz, drawing, publishing, finger painting, changing the world, or having a good time. If your interested in joining, proceed to the Join Page.