The RAVE Webring was formed long ago and was taken over by Michael in December of 1997 when the original Ring Master decided to call it quits. He had the job for a couple of years and we are all greatful for the tons of time he put in.
Thanks W.L. Carr!

Enter The Ring

  • Do you have a page that should be included in the ring? Just fill out the form below. Note the site id number, add the html code fragment given below to your page (being sure to replace the ___'s in the href's with your site id number), and then e-mail the Ringmaster and ask to have your page inserted into the ring.
  1. Add your site to the RAVE Webring queue:
    Password: (don't forget this!)

    Don't forget your password; you'll need it later if you want to edit your informayion.

  2. Take note of your site id number, and then place one of the following html code fragments on the front page of your site (view source to copy it):

    begin fragment 1

    [RAVE] [NEXT] [SKIP] [NEXT 5]

    This is a RAVE site created by _your_email_address_

    end fragment 1

    begin fragment 2

    [RAVE] [NEXT] [SKIP] [NEXT 5]

    This is a RAVE site.

    end fragment 2

  3. Send mail to the Ringmaster and ask to have your page inserted into the ring. Be sure you include your site id number in the message.

    Questions and Comments should be sent

Existing Members! Edit your site configuration here!
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The RAVE Ring is part of the Webring,
created by Sage Weil in March of 1996 and is
offered as a part of The New Dream Network.

Thanks to Sage for the WebRing concept and script.