The reason I'm pushing Kuro is because pushing other Bombermen is something NEW you can do in Super Bomberman 4! Read on to learn what's new and different between this and Super Bomberman 2.

New Features

Throwing Enemies
(Press A when you have glove)
Pushing Enemies
(Press Y when you have push)
Undead Participation
(When you die you still throw bombs)
(Prizes you can ride)
Dangerous Bombs
(Kick two bombs together, blows up BIG)


  1. You can no longer change your color.
  2. You can change your character.
  3. You select sudden death as an option.
  4. There are five players.
  5. The wall that closes in destroys anything that touches it, i.e. bombs and players.
  6. You throw much farther with the glove.
  7. You can't bounce back bombs moving over bricks, only ones in the air.
  8. The Gold Bomber is not actually gold and chooses his prize with a driving game.
  9. You can hold A continuously to drop bombs (you don't have to keep pressing it).
  10. There are both punch and throw prizes.
  11. You may customize the amount of prizes and lives on a level.
  12. Tag Team allows any combination of players on a team.
  13. The skull may be destroyed by kicking a bomb onto it.
  14. New diseases include reverse controller directions, slide, and lose prizes.
  15. The sounds are different (e.g. characters sound like they cuss when they are hit on the head, but it's probably just Japanese).