Maybe the most popular new feature of Super Bomberman 4, pets are prizes you can ride! Each one has a special feature sometimes accessed by pressing Y. Let's take a look at them all! Then read some general pet pointers!

Battle Game Pets in Shells

Can always kick, Y does nothing.
Spit Bomber
Press Y to lay all your bombs in a row.
Music Dancer
Press Y to spit music that pauses foes.
Press Y to launch him as a deadly rocket.
Speeds you up, press Y to shoot slowing goo.

Battle Game Pets in Eggs

Bombs you drop blow through prizes and bricks.
Float Fish
Can fly over bricks.

Normal Game Pets

Press Y to zoom forward very fast.
Can always punch by pressing Y.
Walks over bombs, Y does nothing.
Press Y to destroy all bricks.
Speeds you way up.
All bombs you drop are full flame.

Pet Pointers

  1. When you get hit while on a pet, you only lose the pet.
  2. If you pick up a pet while on a pet, you get a butt nugget.
  3. Your butt nugget must be of the same style as the pet you have (i.e. shell or egg).
  4. If you lose your pet while dragging a butt nugget, you ride the new pet.
  5. You may only have two butt nuggets maximum.
  6. Another player may touch your butt nugget and steal that pet.
  7. Butt nuggets may be destroyed by explosions.
  8. You can't throw, push, or punch while on a pet.
  9. You can't be thrown or pushed while on a pet.
  10. With Music Dancer drop a bomb right next to someone while they are dancing.