This strategy section is mainly for state-of-the-art developments in Bomberman play since the introduction of Super Bomberman 4. If you need really basic level help, I would reccommend How to suck at Super Bomberman 2. A lot of things carry over.

New Strategic Points

  1. When the walls close in, throw enemies into them to kill them instantaneously.
  2. Try not to use your special move if at all possible, you are very vulnerable afterwards and while warming up.
  3. The password "5656" allows you unrestrained use of your special move.
  4. By far the most important skill is efficient bombing early so you get many prizes.
  5. That means drop bombs at intersections where their flames will hit the most bricks.
  6. If you think you've been trapped, try punching your way out.
  7. If you are riding spit bomber, try to get as many bombs as you can.
  8. Be willing to sacrifice spit bomber to kill an opponent.
  9. Push players backwards into blasts.
    Oh you're dead!
  10. Kamikaze can kill you if he goes to far before blowing up.
  11. Kamikaze's blast blows up in both directions.
  12. Throwing from the edge will go as far as a bomberman in your lane.
  13. Pay attention to those throwing from the edge, they can often connect bombs to kill you.
  14. As soon as everyone else dies, you win, even if a blast would have reached you from the chain reaction.
  15. Throw players into blasts.
  16. Push players backwards into bombs they just dropped, if you have punch. This will knock out prizes.
  17. Blow up your own butt nuggets to prevent others from taking them